Asian Fortress


Asian Fortress

Anadolu Hisari is very green breath which gets out of skyscrapers in Istanbul. Asian Fortress is not open as a museum so visitors are free to visit fortress’ ruined walls. It is on Asian side shore of Istanbul and opposite the other Turkish fortress built later on the European shore. It has a magnificent view of The Sea Marmara.

It was built between 1393 and 1394 by the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I to control the traffic on the Bosporus as a part of his preparations for the Second Ottoman Siege of Constantinople, which took place in 1395. Anatolian Fortress is situated at the narrowest point of the Bosporus strait like Rumeli Fortress and next to a creek named Goksu. It was erected as a watch tower which has a 25 m high quadratic main tower within the walls of an irregular pentagon with five watchtowers at the corners. As the oldest Turkish architectural structure built in Istanbul there is a masjid (old mosque) in the Anadolu Fortress. A small stream near the Asian fortress provided a supply of fresh water.

When you are in the Bosporus going in the Black Sea direction the Rumeli Fortress stays at your right hand side and just in front of it you can see the Anadolu fortress.

After the Anadolu Fortress, you can easily arrive to the Kanlica district which is famous for its yoghurt and seaside cafes.